May 19, 2013:

The IRS acting Commissioner Steven Miller who is ready to leave the IRS over the inappropriate targeting of certain conservative and religious groups for audits, etc., has also been covering up massive civil and criminal acts by IRS employees associated with IRS Form W-9, said cover-up sanctioned by former Commissioner Douglas Shulman, TIGTA Inspector General, J Russell George, Senior Treasury Department Officials, Office of Management & Budget (OMB), the White House & Congress.

The current administration has committed over 100 million federal felonies against U.S. Taxpayers since 2009. Senior IRS Officials, lawyers included, have taken the position that the IRS can do anything they want and that state & federal laws don’t apply to them because they are above the law. That arrogance came out in Miller’s testimony before Congress last week.

Prescott Lovern, Sr. originally informed the current administration a couple years ago, but at that time he did not have legal standing to take action. Then in late 2012, Lovern was victimized personally and he immediately went back to the IRS, Treasury, OMB, White House & Congress.

Tens of millions of U.S. Taxpayers’ statutory rights have been violated to include intentional violations of their constitutional rights, inclusive of their right to privacy. The liability associated with these violations is in the trillions of dollars, which may be why the federal government elected to cover-up; however, the cover-up is over as R & L Associates is about to file a massive multi-trillion dollar lawsuit. The evidence is undeniable and the Department of Justice was given four months to dispute the claims but could not. Steven Miller is a defendant in our lawsuit and all federal agencies involved have had a copy of said lawsuit since early January 2013.

The Inspector General for TIGTA, J. Russell George, also swept this under the carpet, as did Treasury, OMB, the White House & Congress.

In fairness, former administrations engaged in the same illegal conduct, but to our knowledge they were never confronted. It’s a fair statement to say that our federal government is out of control. Unfortunately we have two sets of laws in the United States – one for the taxpayers and a different set for government officials and their friends.

Stay tuned.



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