April 17, 2013:

On or about Feb. 15, 2013, Lender Processing Services (LPS) / DocX entered into a plea agreement with the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) that took the position that the service companies, mortgage companies, and banks DocX was working for did not have knowledge of how DocX was creating fraudulent title conveyance documents recorded in local courthouses nationwide. That is PURE BS!

LPS / DocX entered into a similar agreement with the Delaware (DE) DOJ on or about Oct. 16, 2012. The DE agreement is important due to the role of Delaware in the continued cover-up by state and federal officials of Mortgage / Foreclosure Fraud nationwide, and, their incredible efforts to protect the banks, mortgage companies & service companies. Why? Because the states and feds know that there are millions of properties in the U.S. without clear title and they cannot fix it due to Delaware law. LPS / DocX’s guilty pleas state that “Surrogate Signers executed the Subject Documents without prior authorization from the Servicers.” The Servicers NEVER HAD SIGNATORY AUTHORIZATION for “MERS Documents” prior to July 11, 2011. The plea agreements are total fabrications to try and make the public believe something that is NOT TRUE. Disinformation at its best.

Every day unsuspecting people who pay their bills buy homes thinking they are getting clear title when in fact clear title does not exist and cannot be obtained. The states and federal government know this, yet they allow the criminal enterprise[s] made up of banks and mortgage companies to continue to defraud the public by intentionally selling property with known clouded titles.

In a desperate move to protect the government[s] a small committee of lawyers in Delaware, connected to the State Bar Association, is drafting proposed legislation to change the corporate laws in Delaware that could be used by MERS to attempt to retroactively make all “illegal” title conveyances made on behalf of MERS “legal.” This is the most outrageous attempt yet to cover-up the theft of American’s Homes. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN  !!!!!!!!!!!!

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