AIG, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Conspire to Commit Massive Fraud – SEC Corruption

UPDATE: September 16, 2011 – SEC Corruption

The SEC is refusing to enforce AIG’s active settlement agreement that AIG is in violation of associated with the AIG, Bank of America Wells Fargo conspiracy below. All three companies have committed securities fraud with their 2nd quarter filings, yet SEC’s Corp. Finance & Enforcement Divisions refuse to do their job because AIG is one of the companies they illegally and intentionally destroyed investigative documents being investigated by Congress.

September 14, 2011

AIG, Bank of America & Wells Fargo have been caught conspiring to commit massive consumer fraud, resulting in securities fraud in all 3 companies.

R & L warned senior executives and lawyers’ at all three companies in early spring (2011) and they all thumbed their noses at the allegations. R & L warned all three about upcoming 2nd Quarter SEC filings and required disclosure under 303, but, once again all three thumbed their noses at R & L. The allegations of civil & criminal fraud have now been proven along with securities fraud. The Consumer fraud is in the Billions of Dollars and could exceed $50 Billion based solely on statutory damages.

AIG is in violation of their settlement agreement with the SEC, which is a huge problem. AIG’s appointed Monitor, Therese Pritchard, has refused to do her job. This is very similar to her former partner James Cole, [Former Bryan Cave Partner] who use to be the AIG Settlement Monitor. AIG has paid millions of $$$$$ to Bryan Cave, yet AIG stays in trouble, and now the Taxpayers [majority shareholder ownership of AIG] are in jeopardy of losing Billions more.

R & L has invoked Sarbanes Oxley but it remains to be seen if the AIG Directors do their job.

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