Prescott Lovern, Sr. has caught the Obama White House / Administration knowingly participating in millions of federal felonies associated with the illegal collection of social security numbers from unsuspecting taxpayers who thought they were required to turn over their personal information [SSN included] under the Patriot Act. The Office of Management & Budget (OMB), IRS, FinCen and U.S. Treasury, with the knowledge of White Counsel’s Office, have been hoodwinking taxpayers into giving their personal information, SSN included, to co-conspirator banks (i.e Wells Fargo, BOA, Suntrust, Citibank, Chase {any bank}; securities brokers; investment bankers; currency exchanges; redeemers of cashier / traveler’s checks, checks, money orders, or similar instruments; an operator of a credit card system; insurance companies; dealers in precious metals, stones, or jewels; pawnbrokers; finance companies, pawn brokers; travel agencies; licensed sender of money or any other person who engages as a business in the transmission of funds, including any person who engages as a business in an informal money transfer system or any network of people who engage as a business in facilitating the transfer of money domestically or internationally outside of the conventional financial institutions system; telegraph companies; businesses engaged in vehicle sales, including automobile, airplane, and boat sales; persons involved in real estate closings and settlements; the United States Postal Service; an agency of the United States government or of a state or local government carrying out a duty or power of a business described in this paragraph and, casinos.

Any person who was required to provide their SSN, part and parcel to a Currency Transaction Report [CTR] may be entitled to statutory fines payable by the federal government / defendants directly to you. CTRs are legal if used properly, something the Obama Administration doesn’t seem to care about. Their preference is to skirt the law, thinking they are above the law.

If you were forced to provide your personal information, inclusive of your SSN, as part of a “Currency Transaction Report” at any time – contact us at

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