October 16, 2013:

Prescott Lovern, Sr. (Lovern) and R&L Associates Law (R&L) have busted “Bud” Selig (Selig), Major League Baseball (MLB) & Bank of America (BOA) for their scam connected to MLB Extra Bases MasterCards. MLB fans can get a BOA Extra Bases MasterCard with their favorite MLB team’s name on it.

Selig, MLB’s Commissioner, who was warned two years ago by Lovern about the affinity MLB Extra Bases MasterCard credit card scam and told to clean it up, continues to operate MLB like the “Godfather” he thinks he is. BOA is committing civil / criminal fraud against all MLB Extra Bases MasterCard Cardholders, collecting ill gotten revenues, and giving MLB a cut. Selig thinks he’s untouchable, above the law, and, he runs MLB like organized crime. The alleged illegal conduct Selig, MLB and BOA are engaged in is not only consumer fraud, its Lovern’s opinion that they are running a criminal enterprise, an “association-in-fact” racketeering enterprise. Lovern is a victim himself.

Lovern has informed MLB’s general counsel, Tom Ostertag, that R&L will add one new MLB Team per day to the already drafted private attorney general lawsuit until he has all 30 teams, then the lawsuit will be filed and MLB could be facing bankruptcy, as the statutory liability is in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Today the lawsuit includes BOA and two teams et al. Tomorrow will be team number 3.

If it wasn’t for the fans of MLB, including MLB Extra Bases MasterCard Cardholders getting screwed, Selig wouldn’t even have a job. Stay tuned to see if the Godfather “blinks.”



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