PRESCOTT LOVERN, SR. CATCHES & Defrauding Consumers

June 27, 2013:

Prescott Lovern, Sr. has caught [Vertical Brands Media, Inc.] & [Nationsinfocorp] advertising property for sale that includes “Owner Financing” when in fact they have never even talked to the owner, and, no owner financing exists. Both companies do this in a classic “bait & switch” scheme to induce consumers into signing up for their paid subscription service to get details. Consumers should be careful about any alleged property details before paying their service.

“I expect them to now put some kind of disclaimer on their webpages now that they have been caught,” Lovern said. “It doesn’t matter because they won’t be in business long once the FTC and I deal with them and their fraud,” according to Lovern.

Stay tuned.


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