August 24, 2012:

R & L Associates Law (R & L) has received insider information regarding the settlement in the MasterCard / VISA settlement in the case IN RE PAYMENT CARD INTERCHANGE FEE. R & L Associates Law has been filing legal actions non stop for 3 weeks under Private Attorney General, representative actions, on behalf of cardholders. R & L currently represents every MasterCard & VISA cardholder in the country.

Formal Charges Not Required to Permit Defensive Disclosures: N.Y. City Bar Op. 1986-7 (1986): The values underlying Canon 4 “require more than a whisper or suspicion of wrongdoing before client confidences and secrets may be disclosed” under DR 4-101(C)(4). However, a lawyer need not “resist disclosure until formally accused through the return of an indictment, the service of a summons and complaint or the institution of disciplinary charges. The cost and other burdens of defending against a formal charge and the damage it can inflict on a lawyer’s reputation, even if ultimately resisted successfully, argue against such a restrictive interpretation.”

NOW, the Interchange Fee Conspiracy is OVER!!!

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