Mass Tort Actions filed by R&L involving MasterCard & VISA

April 14, 2012: [updated August 17, 2012]

[8-15-2012 / NOTE] – R&L has also discovered criminal fraud being committed by all plaintiff / defendant / lawyer parties associated with the proposed settlement in the lawsuit IN RE PAYMENT CARD INTERCHANGE FEE AND MERCHANT DISCOUNT ANTITRUST LITIGATION case, which said fraud will cost cardholders hundreds of billions more than they pay now. The settlement can double the per transaction cost to consumers on MasterCard & Visa credit card transactions.

Press Release

R&L Associates Law has filed multiple representative, private attorney general legal actions against MasterCard Incorporated & Visa, Inc., Citibank, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Synovus Bank, Comerica Bank, law firms, affinity partners [Harley-Davidson have already been named], and debt collectors [Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd. and Client Services, Inc. have already been named] regarding undisclosed transactions fees that result in massive loss to cardholders, the largest mail fraud case in history, racketeering, and other criminal violations, over and above the civil frauds.

Additional banks, law firms , affinity partners, and debt collectors will be sued continuously until the criminal enterprise is shut down. R&L intends to also name all federal reserve banks [Federal Reserve Banks in Atlanta & San Francisco have already been named] who have knowingly and willing participated in the criminal enterprise that has stolen Hundreds of Billions of Dollars from Cardholders, covered-up by banking regulators, issuing banks, American Bankers Association, affinity partners, MC / VISA et al. The federal reserve banks have looked the other way while helping the issuing banks to launder the money.

MasterCard Incorporated, VISA, Inc., their issuing banks, lawyers, affinity partners, and their debt collectors are facing TRILLIONS of DOLLARS in statutory damages.

Stay tuned.


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