September 23, 2011SUNTRUST commits securities fraud [not proper disclosure as required under 303] in connection to the foreclosure fraud undisclosed liability, with a recent $1.5 Billion stock offering and approximate $31 Million in Warrants sold by the U.S. Treasury this week, Warrants sold by Deutsche Bank Capital Markets and Lebenthal Capital Markets. Both sellers and Treasury are trying to cover-up the securities fraud associated with the Warrants, along with everyone else involved. Suntrust and their lawyers are covering up the fraudulent stock offering. The SEC was notified but doing nothing.

R & L has caught SunTrust conspiring with Deutsche Bank & GMAC Mortgage  / ALLY Financial to commit foreclosure fraud. Suntrust denied the allegations directly through their attorney Scott Nardi and their outside lawyer Amy Tingley [Stovash, Case & Tingley] but R & L then produced physical evidence that cannot, and has not, been disputed. SunTrust could be looking at billions in liability, and Deutsche Bank even more than SunTrust in their capacity as Trustee. Ally Financial is up to their neck in the criminal conspiracy and it’s unknown how much liability they can be facing. Be it known that it will not be good for U.S. Taxpayers who own the company.

Because SunTrust executives and lawyers knew about the massive foreclosure fraud liability, and failed to disclose in previous SEC filings as required under 303, coupled with the failure to disclose in the Registration Statement for the $1.5 Billion Stock Offering recently; and, the Warrants sold by the U.S. Treasury this week – both are fraudulent  – (securities fraud). The Treasury Department, Deutsche Bank who sold the Warrants, and SunTrust were warned about the fraudulent Warrant auction, yet did nothing to protect the public. Score another one for the Keystone Cops at Treasury.



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