UPDATE: JUNE 15, 2018

Mastercard / VISA Criminal Enterprise and Regulators – U.S. Treasury / I.G.’s Office, OCC, CFPB, SEC, FINRA, FDIC / I.G’s Office, Federal Reserve (FR) / FR Banks / I.G.’s Office, American Bankers Association, state banking regulators [e.g. New York Financial Services / N.Y. Attorney General's Office, Delaware Office of the State Bank Commissioner, major law firms et al, continue to commit overt acts in furtherance of the Interchange Fee Conspiracy [MC / VISA credit card Cardholders], inclusive of the conspiracy to commit mail / wire fraud between 2008 and Richard Cordray’s confirmation as Director of CFPB. 

JUNE 10, 2018

Prescott Lovern, Sr. (Lovern) says the long awaited Private Attorney General / RICO lawsuit (Pleading) on behalf of Bankamericard, Mastercharge, MasterCard & VISA credit card Cardholders (4 cards collectively “CREDIT CARDS”) is now available to all licensed lawyers and Regulators for free. TRILLIONS of DOLLARS in liability, including STRICT LIABILITY with no requirement to prove damages, anyone was misled, or deceived. To obtain the unfiled Pleading for free, contact the litigation department at [phone number had to come down due to fraudulent calls] email For security reasons the Pleading is not being posted online. It will be sent to all qualified parties. It will be sent to plaintiff lawyer associations regardless whether they ask for it.

This unfiled lawsuit is being given to primarily plaintiff lawyers for free, but anyone can file any lawsuit they want using the information in the Pleading. Only a small percentage of potential defendants are named. The only way to deal with such a larger defendant pool is to open it up to everybody.

One of the best litigation venues is the District of Columbia (DoC). As to Conspiracy, the last overt act has not been committed. There is no statute of limitations on civil RICO. It is based on local law. The District [DoC] Discovery Harm Rule [governs RICO & Private Attorney General (PAG)] is based on when the victim finds out. CREDIT CARD Cardholders do not know that for 48 years the illegal hidden Interchange Fee (IF) charged to their account on every transaction, kept by the Issuer, was supposed to be disclosed multiple ways [federal law], as explained in the Pleading.

Keep in mind that the claims not only include CREDIT CARD Issuers [banks, credit unions], e.g. CHASE, CITIBANK, U.S. BANK, WELLS FARGO, BANK of AMERICA, PNC, HSBC, BARCLAYS, RBS; Mastercard Corporation [ROUGHLY 191 M CARDHOLDERS], VISA, Inc. [ROUGHLY 323 M CARDHOLDERS]; DEFENDANTS also include CREDIT CARD Affinity Partners like Wyndham Rewards VISAs [New Wyndham Hotels & Resorts / Wyndham Destinations Public Companies, and their law firm DLA PIPER]; NFL; MLB; NHL; NBA; Airlines; Hotels; Universities; Associations; Retailers like WALMART [MasterCard - Synchrony Bank] can be bankrupted as they never left the conspiracy in-between affinity cards [directors, officers, lawyers covered-up]; Law Firms who have aided & abetted / co-conspired [listed]; Regulators who have knowledge, yet looked the other way [Pinkerton Rule, individual capacity], etc. Affinity Partners are “Merchants” under the DCCPPA. There are plenty of lawsuits available to go around. No shortage of Defendants. Pick as big or small of a defendant as you like.

The CREDIT CARD industry continues to cover-up what is the largest illegal transfer of wealth in history. Bigger than the real estate scandal. The IF SCAM is the largest criminal enterprise in history. Lovern has evidence that he has never disclosed, as he knows the Defendants will continue to lie, lie, lie, just as they have been doing forever. Nobody has filed any lawsuit on behalf of CREDIT CARD Cardholders and the illegal IFs charged to the Cardholder’s account.

Don’t let ARBITRATION scare you. CREDIT CARD Issuers cannot force a CARDHOLDER to forfeit their constitutional or statutory rights. Lovern can help you with this. PAG arbitration is available to any Cardholder. [SCOTUS precedent].

NOTE: All named Defendants in the Pleading have been put on written Notice.


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