MAY 29, 2018

PRESCOTT LOVERN, Sr. (Lovern) states that the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE ) / Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE) are facing bankruptcy, as FINRA allowed Broker / Dealers to sell / trade stock issued by Mastercard Corporation & VISA, Inc.’s criminal enterprise [Issuing Financial Institutions / Affinity Partners] (hereinafter “RICO Issuers”) who have been defrauding MasterCard / VISA credit card Cardholders for about 48 years [going back to Bankamericard / Mastercharge]. The largest illegal transfer of wealth in U.S. History.

FINRA covered-up the selling and trading of RICO Issuers stock on the NYSE. FINRA executives and lawyers knowingly and willingly participated in the racketeering enterprise, assisting the NYSE in its participation, helping the RICO Issuers steal money from Cardholders. Loven patiently waited for it all to come together, and now he has ICE, NYSE & FINRA, their senior executives and lawyers 100% compromised. The SEC was compromised months ago. It’s all coming together, exposure of the crooked stock market and the people who protect its illegal scams. You cannot allow private companies to regulate the STOCK MARKET, BUT that’s how it works.

ICE / FINRA officers, directors and lawyers are hiding. NYSE executives / lawyers are hiding. It’s all coming down… soon.

This can crash the stock market as it involves TRILLIONS of DOLLARS in strict liability, and, TRILLIONS of DOLLARS in RICO civil liability.

Stay tuned.


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