UPDATE: December 12, 2017

Yankee Candle has been caught selling different candles in USA market under the same name, different fragrances, different quality, same name.

UPDATE:  11/29/17

The so-called Newell Brand, Yankee Candle investigation turned out to be a complete joke. Their lawyer, after three weeks, told Prescott Lovern, Sr. (Lovern) the alleged Soft Blanket Yankee Candle sent to them by Lovern, that it was real. IMPOSSIBLE! It doesn’t even smell like Soft Blanket, and it has a warning label on the back of the candle. Internally, they have circled the wagons. They also said they have no evidence of Fake Yankee Candles being sold even though Lovern sent them evidence of such. ”Posted on  by Hull Echo - “A Liverpool man was prosecuted for selling fake Yankee Candles at Walton Street Market. Darren Briercliffe pleaded guilty to the possession of over 8,000 counterfeit Yankee Candle products. Mr. Briercliffe was sentenced to eight weeks imprisonment suspended for 12 months, together with an order for 100 hours unpaid work and costs of £1800.”

Lovern recommends that you NOT buy any Yankee Candles except in a Yankee Candle Store. There is something funny going on at Yankee Candle, perhaps Newell’s desire to penetrate Big Box Stores like Walmart.

UPDATE: 10/23/17

Newell Brands, Jarden & Yankee Candle lawyers now on the case investigating fake Yankee Candles. Lovern is cooperating with Yankee Candle to protect its Brand.

OCTOBER 21, 2017


Prescott Lovern, Sr. recently purchased Yankee Candles on Amazon only to discover that they are fake. He reached out to Newell Brands [they own Yankee Candle] general counsel, Bradford Turner (Turner) for a second time, who never responded. He then contacted Yankee Candle CEO, Hope Margala, who also ignored Lovern. Turner had been warned by Lovern previously but Turner ignored Lovern both times.

Fake Yankee Candles were seized in the U.K. in 2016, and, this past summer 8000 fake Yankee Candles were also confiscated in the U.K.

For some reason Yankee Candle executives don’t seem to care that Yankee Candles are being ripped off by illegal fakes, therefore, consumers be aware. Amazon could care less. They have Yankee Candle fakes in stock and are shipping them. Who knows how many fakes have penetrated the market in the U.S.

Amazon has a history of selling fake products. Lovern keeps an inventory of fake products from Amazon.

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