AUGUST 16, 2017

PRESCOTT LOVERN, SR. LEGAL NEWS – Prescott Lovern, Sr. (Lovern)

This story is so bazaar, immoral, illegal and unconscionable, it is hard to believe, and it’s personal. I had a death in my family. The person had auto insurance with GEICO. There is no insured interest on the car, and the car is not in the possession of any family member. The finance company was told to pick it up.

GEICO was contacted and told about the death and that there is no Will, or Executor, and only one heir, a parent. GEICO received the death certificate. The parent attempted to cancel the policy. He was told he would have to keep paying the policy until the Executor was named by the court. GEICO knows that can take months. I thought that could not be correct so I called GEICO myself and sure enough three licensed agents in the State where the Policy was purchased told me the same thing.

The next day I contacted the CEO of GEICO, Tony Nicely’s office, attempting to make an appointment to speak to Mr. Nicely. I was immediately transferred to an escalation department who was no help at all. I was told I do not have the right to speak to Mr. Nicely.

It appears this is standard practice at GEICO. The only explanation for charging a deceased premiums when there is no insured interest in the automobile is so GEICO can pile up unpaid premiums and fees, wait until the Executor is appointed through probate, and then charge the Estate for unpaid premiums and fees as a creditor. When there is no insured interest in the auto, GEICO has no risk.

I have notified Mr. Buffett through Berkshire Hathaway numerous times about other illegal conduct at GEICO, yet he ignored it every time. I have no knowledge as to whether he knows about this, but, had he cared about the things I did report, maybe the policies at GEICO today might be fairer to their customers.

GEICO continues to engage in illegal conduct while Berkshire Hathaway reaps the profits. The Gecko is cute, but GEICO is not.

Charging the dead. That is unconscionable.

Prescott Lovern, Sr.




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