Prescott Lovern, Sr. Catches U.S. Department of Education Intentionally Violating the Constitutional / Federally Protected Rights of U.S. Citizens In Conjunction with Pell Grants; Universities & Colleges Complicit

APRIL 11, 2017

Prescott Lovern, Sr. says the U.S. Department of Education (DOEd), Universities & Colleges who issue Pell Grants, have been caught lying to high school graduate Non-Dependent Students who want to, and/or have applied for Pell Grants, in violation of non-ambiguous federal statutes.

In addition, the guilty parties have been extorting financial information of parents & guardians who do not provide half of the non-dependent student’s support.

Secretary DeVos was informed of this by Lovern, given an opportunity to stop the illegal conduct, but she refused.

Lovern says it could be a mountain of federal felonies under 18 U.S. CODE § 242.

Stay tuned.

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