December 14, 2016

Prescott Lovern, Sr. (Lovern) has completed an investigation into, owned by LinkedIn  ( and LinkedIn collectively “LC”), and a premeditated scheme (scam) to steal money from consumers who used, considered using, or signed up for a free trial for LC services; and, Lovern has confirmed that Discover Card / Discover Financial Services (DFS) is helping LC.

LinkedIn owns and one way the scam works is that when LinkedIn acquired LC encouraged LinkedIn members to sign up for courses to spruce up the member’s resume. Lots of members discovered it didn’t help with potential employers so they canceled their participation, BUT, keeps on billing, and in the matter of Discover Card (DC) they just ignore their DC customers request for reimbursement of unauthorized charges.

Executives and lawyers at LC and DFS are covering this up, but not for long as Lovern is preparing for massive litigation and potential criminal charges.

Lawyers at Microsoft are looking the other way claiming they can’t do anything [not true] about it even though Microsoft is purchasing LinkedIn.

A few examples - horrible billing practices – Nov 15  Lynda  Education  111

I noticed that I was being charged by after canceling my services months earlier. I don’t remember signing up again, but it is possible. After finding no way to cancel services on their website, I wrote a message clearly stating that I wanted to cancel. I received a confirmation of receipt of my message and thought that I was done. They continued to bill me for several more months without me noticing.

Lynda – Horrible - Oct 17  Lynda   Education  Lindenhurst, New York  Lynda Account   112

Unresponsive but very willing to take money from your credit card. I literally had to resort to CLOSING my credit card so that they could STOP. Then after waiting forever, I finally got hold of someone and they told me a refund was not possible even though I had not USED the service nor logged into that account in months. I told them I was interested in being a member for another 12 months AFTER all the traveling I was doing.

Lynda – These *** Thieves Oct 12  Lynda   Education  Seoul, Seoul  1   88

I never even signed up for this *** and they took money from my account! They should be sued and I think I’ll go through the motions of making this happen. I’m not sure if anyone is actually even working at the sight. I have made as many calls and inquiries about this place and found very little in the way of them showing that they are remotely concerned about how they change people’s accounts or whether they are taking money from people.

Stay tuned.

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